February 13, 2019

Wanted ! Dedicated Fitness people in Cheshire and Shropshire!

Imagine a Personal Trainer who guarantees results!

That’s what Carl at Badger Fitness does! Commit to a plan with Badger Fitness and YOU will achieve your goal!

Carl has worked with over 200 clients during the past 5 years and all his clients have achieved success.

Here are a few examples of goals achieved with clients which also illustrates the depth, knowledge and experience Carl has to offer his clients!

Weight Loss

Strength and Conditioning  РToning and Core Development

Marathon Training – 22 Clients have achieved completing this distance for the first time.

1/2 Marathon Training

Cycle Sportive Training – including clients completing Prudential Ride London 100 and Dragon Sportive 146mile

Triathlon Training – Sprint / Olympic Distance

Ironman Training – 70.3 and 140.6 Distances

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