Who’s the Badger?

About Carl

Welcome to Badger Fitness!  My name is Carl.  I am based in Whitchurch and operate in Shropshire and South Cheshire I can work with you at your home, your local gym or at various carefully-chosen outdoor locations.

My priority when working with my clients is to fully understand your personal fitness goals and construct a personal plan to help you achieve results.  This will also include nutrition advice, ongoing support and mentoring.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, bulk up, improve your cardiovascular system or just live a healthier lifestyle – I can help you! Please check out my Client Testimonials page which can be found in my Blog section!


Having extensive experience in Endurance Sports, I also specialise in tailored programmes to help those of you keen to achieve specific targets in your chosen fitness event, whether it be a Marathon, Half Marathon, Cycling Sportive or Triathlon.  Having completed over 100 Half Marathons, 40 Major Marathons, 65 Cycle Sportives and numerous Triathlon events including Ironman. I have the experience to help you train specifically for your chosen discipline and also select an event within the UK that will maximise your achievement and enjoyment, leaving you determined to come back for more and chase a PB!!

I am a fully qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer as well as a qualified Ride leader with British Cycling, working with their Sky Programme. I am also a registered member of REP’S {Register of exercise professionals}

Please view my Training Options and Fitness Packages pages for further information about services offered by Badger Fitness.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

The way of the Badger

How we work

Badger Fitness is committed to safe, enjoyable and effective exercise techniques, safe working conditions and realistic targets, and is dedicated to achieving results for its clients.  All components of fitness are considered – physical, cardiovascular, muscular, medical, mental, emotional, nutritional, social and spiritual.

We operate a strict code of professionalism and high ethical standards with no room for discrimination in any area.

Exercise will include, but not be restricted to:

  • Safe & effective stretching and warm-up;
  • Cardiovascular sessions – including running, cycling, rowing, climbing, cross-training and forms of circuit training;
  • Resistance and weight exercises – including Powerbags, TRX, use of a Swiss ball and free weights.

All fitness exercises will be fully demonstrated with a detailed explanation of muscle groups used and their effect on the body.

Every client will start off with the one-hour evaluation session, which will include a Lifestyle & Health Screening Questionnaire, and a documented physical, fitness and wellbeing target.

No ‘set’ routine

The Badger Fitness Ethos

I am passionate about fitness and wellbeing!  I am 53 years old and have participated or competed in most types of sporting disciplines from early years/an early age.  During my school years I ran for my county in 100 and 200 metres.  I was also a competitive swimmer, competing regularly for my county in 100 and 200 metres Breaststroke, and eventually reached National level.  At the age of 12 I learnt to play golf, and within two years was playing off a handicap of 7: by the age of 18 I was again representing both club and county.  These are just some of my early achievements… but so as not to bore you with them…. What benefits does this offer you – my potential client?

A good personal trainer should have experience in a multitude of different sports, and awareness of exactly what strengths and physical development is required to assist and strengthen performance.  They must also be aware, as I am, that we must all start somewhere.  Some people are not interested in sport or fitness in early life, but then develop an interest in later years.  Some want to be the best; others just want to be ‘there’!

I have clients who contact me because their goal is to compete in or complete a specific running event, ie. a marathon, cycling events or a triathlon.  I have also helped a man in his fifties who just wanted to be able to stop smoking and gain a basic level of fitness. Another client wanted to drop 2 dress sizes in 4 months. All of these people achieved their personal goals with my help.

My primary objective when I first meet with my client is to fully understand what level of fitness is their goal or what level of a healthier lifestyle they wish to achieve. I then make it my task to design a fitness plan which is both interesting and fun, which stimulates the desire to persevere and dedicate themselves to the program.  Should you have any concerns or feel a lack of confidence about specific activities we have the opportunity to address these during our initial meeting when we complete a lifestyle questionnaire and current fitness appraisal.

I so look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your Goals!