August 4, 2013

Badger does the London Surrey 100 Cycle Race

Carl at London Surrey 100 Cycle Race

Carl at London Surrey 100 Cycle Race

When I first heard about the plans for this event, My initial thoughts were “ I HAVE got to be part of this” Basically a London Marathon but on two wheels – oh and of course 100 miles not 26.2. An event born from the Olympic legacy and as a dream of our fantastic mayor of London. Starting from the Olympic Stadium Area and finishing on the Mall, ironically in the opposite direction to the Marathon but directly in front of Buckingham Palace.

Having Ran 5 London Marathons and holding an elite time for the event, I wondered how many people competing on the 4th August could lay claim to such an achievement to have completed both the London Marathon and the London 100? The first ever one as well!

SO the Badger being the Badger decided to create a personal achievement goal in order to be totally unique…… OK lets train hard, lets go for a sub 5 hour time!! Shit that’s an average of over 20mph and I have to factor in the big climb at Leith Hill which features at 55 miles, JUST when the legs start to feel a little tired. Then theres Box Hill at 70 Miles…..Gulp!

Race Morning

  1. Out of bed at 2.30
  2. In the Car at 3.00
  3. Dropped off at Lea Valley ice Rink at 4.30. { one of the designated drop off points }
  4. Cycled 6 Miles to start line… arrived at start at 5.00
  5. Started race at 6.10 am

Well… All I can say is AMAZING!

This event WILL become a sister event to the London Marathon! The organisation was on par with the Marathon, in fact it IS the Marathon team who is running the event! Getting 25,000 cyclists around a 100 mile route deserves massive respect.


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