October 3, 2013

Badger’s Guide to Calorie Burning

Many Clients and fellow fitness enthusiasts often ask me how to calculate accurate calorie burn related to different exercises. The reality is that there are many factors involved in calculating an accurate figure and depends on various factors including individual body weight, intensity of the exercise, current fitness levels etc etc. But as a basic guide for client consideration I have come up with the following –

Badgers guide to calorie burning –

Swimming – Front Crawl Slow – 260 cals per 30 mins

Front Crawl Fast – 404 cals per 30  mins

Breaststroke Fast 367 cals per 30 mins

Running – 6 mph 300 cals per 30 mins

8mph 405 cals per 30 mins


Cycling 10/12mph 180 cals per 30 mins

12/14mph 240 cals per 30 mins


Walking 2mph 75 cals per 30 mins

3mph 99 cals per 30 mins

For those of you who are mainly in to cycling an extremely accurate formula is as follows –

Using the following table, find your “cycling speed coefficient”














After you have identified your average speed and the relative coefficient, multiply this figure by your weight in pounds by the time spent cycling in minutes. This will give you your cycling calories.

eg. 0.0561 x 130 { lb } x 60 { I hour } = 436.8 Calories.

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