February 20, 2014

L’Eroica Brittania


A rider stops with a squeal of his brakes, takes off his leather gloves, swigs from his steel water bottle and adjusts his downtube shifters admiring the view over vineyards and cypress trees! He could be in the 1930’s, the era when cycling greats like Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali pounded these sorts of roads for km after km. But then….. after searching around in his back pocket of his Merino wool Jersey he pulls out his smartphone and takes a photo. The “illusion” is shattered!!

L’Eroica started in 2007 in Chianti, Italy. In essence it is a Vintage cycling Race of either 205k, 135k or 75k. The idea is to step back in time and Enjoy the history of cycling. It is a bit of a Goodwood Festival of speed or Revival meeting but for Cycling! It gives competitors the chance to step back in time, bring out the steel frame race bikes, kit themselves out in the Wool jerseys and padded skull caps and pretend they are whoever their idol was from the fifties, sixty’s, seventy’s or eighty’s! For me it would have to be Bernard Hinault… of course the other Badger!

Its not all about cycling. Its as much a celebration of the Tuscan area. The wines, the food and its delicacies. Local Trades, Local History, its people its passions!

Last year saw the first L’Eroica Japan. This year sees the first L’Eroica Brittania!

Eroica 3The event is a three day festival starting on the 20th June with the race on the Sunday 22nd. The event is based and starts from Bakewell, Derbyshire and travels through breathtaking countryside including the Chatsworth estate. There are 3 distance options with the maximum distance being 102 miles. That’s the one I have entered!

Ride Day Rules –

1} Only Cyclists with “Heroic” bikes will be permitted to participate

2} “Heroic Bicycles are road racing bikes built before 1987

3} Gear shift levers must be lever mounted on down tube of frame.

4} Merino Wool jerseys preffered………….

Fitness is all about goals! Its also about having a good time and enjoyment! This event really excites me because it is just “different” but still a serious challenge. It will make a change to compete in an event and not have to take it too seriously!





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