April 19, 2014

Northampton Personal Training – Client Testimonials

IMG_0341Gareth Thompson.

“Turning 40 caused me to take stock of my lifestyle and lack of fitness and after finding the Badger Fitness website I contacted Carl and arranged an initial consultation. The first session was really hard as I suspected it was going to be but Carl offered support and encouragement and after that improvements started to come quickly. Carl is great at keeping motivation high by using a varied exercise plan and it always felt that we had achieved something after every session! 6 months later, I’m more than a stone and a half lighter, able to run further and faster than I thought possible and my physique is more toned. I also feel mentally stronger, able to deal with the day to day pressures of life more effectively and I continue to be motivated to exercise regularly. Im generally so much happier in myself!

After that first session back in October 2013, Carl told me that that booking him as my Personal Trainer would be the best decision I made all year…..Looking back I can honestly say he was right!

Richard Piner.

Having recently taken early retirement, I decided to finally get round to getting myself fit and keeping myself in good physical condition in order to enjoy my retirement. In December 2013 I called upon my daughter who is a Fitness Instructor herself as well as a semi-professional cyclist, now based in Ireland, to look around and do some research for me in finding a good personal trainer who operates in the Badby area of Northamptonshire. She made contact with Carl and felt that his work ethics and structured approach to Lifestyle Fitness was perfect for me! Secretly they discussed possibly steering me towards some kind of Fitness Goal which Carl would identify and coach me towards.

With a combination of Intensive, Enjoyable and varied 1 to 1 sessions plus a daily personal training schedule, Carl has provided me with Professional support and advice as well as encouragement to achieve my Fitness goals. Carl has also monitored any aches and pains I suffered as my body got used to its new routine and applied physical management with specific stretching and strengthening exercises in order to keep me injury free! Already after only 4 months, my fitness levels have improved 100% and I have 10k and Half Marathon running events booked in the coming months! Badger Fitness comes highly recommended!

Shaun HiggsTest Shaun

From the Sofa to Half Ironman.

I did my first Sprint Triathlon on my 47th Birthday last year and enjoyed it so much I got hooked.

I then got carried away booking multiple events in 2014 including more sprint triathlons, Standard Triathlons, standard Duathlons, a half marathon and finally a half Ironman in Weymouth.

It was after a duathlon in February that I realised that I didn’t  just want to finish at the back but post respectable times, who knew I had a competitive streak?!

At about the same time I was given Carl’s details by a trainer at the gym who thought he’d be the best person to help me achieve my goals.

I met Carl and after only one training session knew that training with him would be fun, focussed and would push me to the next level. He said to me at the time do everything I ask of you and then judge me on your improvements. Given the following improvements in just a few short months I think he’s passed with flying colours:

·         smashed my sprint triathlon time by over 13 minutes last month.

·         smashed my duathlon time by 35 minutes last week.

·         went under 1 hour for a 10K for the first time ever last week in 54:25.

·         beaten my 5K Park run PB multiple times which now stands at 26 minutes and I’m confident will be under 25 minutes very soon.

·         Completed 2 open water training swims confidently, which was a real first for me and something I desperately needed to conquer for my open water swim triathlons and Ironman later in the year. Carl assisted me every step / stroke of the way!!

Carl’s a great fella who gets the best out of you without shouting and screaming, instead getting you to believe, as he does, that with the correct focussed (not junk) training and diet you can do much more than you ever thought possible. Bring on the Weymouth Half Ironman!

Ivan K

Ivan K

“I am thoroughly enjoying working with Carl and already reaping the benefits of his approach.  He took time to understand my capability, attitude and aspirations – generating a tailored plan which I am sure will help me realise my goals.  Having previously run many endurance events but finding myself struggling and frustrated by the pressures of family and work to fit in meaningful training, Carl’s helping to focus me into more structured training that is already paying off in performance improvements over a relatively short time.  There’s a way to go but the gains so far have convinced me that his training will work and that I can acheive my goals.

For me, it really helps that Carl talks the talk

and walks the walk; when your trainer can demonstrate his prowess with real & current relevant experience and achievements it does inspire and motivate. I’m looking forward to continued progress!! “

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