Personal Training at Home

Are you tired of the gym? Find motivation a problem or just lacking in confidence to go and take on the great outdoors alone? I understand these factors and am prepared to visit you at your home where a mix of fitness activities can be based right on your doorstep!

Personal Training Outdoors

What better way to conduct your fitness activities than in the great outdoors? This is my preferred environment for training and health-promoting activities. Training outdoors allows the flexibility of various running and cycling disciplines, climbing, circuit training – all the while working in a fresh, stimulating atmosphere.

Plus there is always the opportunity to stop for refreshments and monitor your progress to date!

Personal Training in the Gym

You may already be a member of a local gym or health club, but now feel you need specific guidance: here is where Badger Fitness can help. I am happy to put you through your paces at a club of your choice on a one-to-one basis, where we can work on specific areas.

Should you not be a member of a local gym or health club, I do also have access to a select few venues, where I am able to take clients for training.

couples-trainingCouples Training

For those wishing to train with a friend or a partner Badger Fitness can offer a joint training programme with individual fitness goals. This method also makes financial savings per individual, and often makes it more enjoyable for those new to fitness and training. Please see the Price Plans menu for financial incentive.